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Mission for a Change

Our mission here at Buddy's Breakfast Cookies is to share a bite of nutritious deliciousness with our community one cookie at a time.  We invest in our corner of the world with nutrition classes for individuals as well groups. Our President and Health Director, Laryssa Lalli, has a strong desire to see people thrive through healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families.

We believe whole food nourishes our bodies in numerous ways. We believe whole food helps repair and even heal the damage we've done to our bodies with chemical-laden, dye-filled, nutrient-absent imitation food.  Nutrient dense food that tastes good IS possible and we are confident that with one bite at a time, one cookie at a time, one one smile at a time, we will help the people we love and care for be healthy,and in addition, those around them. 

To join our mission, please contact us at